27th Rehearsal 2013/2014 RES Season

RES Rehearsal. 1 March, 2014

Arrived late – needed to find car registrations as my wife and I both woke up and noted it was March and our car registrations expired at the end of February – which happened to be yesterday.  Then dropped youngest at his UAMC rehearsal.
P. 75 Qui Tollis Pecata Mundi
P. 61 Gratias – sounded good to Len
P 42.  Et In Terra Pax
top 41 to fix up some issues and lead into part 5 Et in Terra Pax
gloria run through – nicely done for this early in the morning.
P 114. Credo  first 14 measures are without orchestra just continuo.  Then in measure 14 the first violins join us  followed by the second violins becoming a 7 part fugue.  He wants that sostenuto quality throughout.
Patrem Omni Potentem  top of 122 we tend to get behind.
2nd Kyrie
Et ressurexit P 153  yes we all finish on the same syllable.  Very nice From Len on the bass line in  Et I Terrum.  Nice
Confiteor first 147 measures with just the continuo
All done that he wanted to do.
Tuesday wants to run all the choruses.  Wednesday he will run them all with the ABE again but not in order.

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