31st Rehearsal 2013/2014 RES Season

New project with the ESO in May featuring a piece by Robert Rival, Composer in Residence for the ESO titled Delights & Discords, should be a world premiere.

Some words from Len on the background of the work. Also received Unclouded Day by Shawn Kirchner (we did this on the tour) the Jauchzet Dem Herrzet by Mendelssohn and the Missa Brevis by Healey Willian (did this last year as well).

Words of congratulations from Len re the Bach on Sunday, Lots of good comments about how we presented.

Sara did our warmup. Then Len introduced a new Tenor, from Edinburgh who is joining the choir.

Len introduced us to the first movement of the Rival – Rose Cheek’d Laura Come (words from Thomas Campion). There are 10 parts for the men’s chorus in this first movement (whew). Baritones given the Tenor 3 parts and the B1 while select Basses are doing the B3 and a mix of Baritones and Basses do the B2 part and then the 1 and 2 parts split.

The second piece is titled On My First Son (words by Ben Jonson). This is a slow piece and the words are kind of sad. It is a beautiful sound.

Break. Announced that we would be having a recording session on May 29 & 30 at the Providence Centre. As well he announced the piece we will do with Pro Coro at the Winspear on September 28.

I had to depart early.


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