An Eventful Flight Part 1

So somewhere over the dark blue skies of Southern Alberta or Montana we ran into some heavy turbulence. Just about the time the flight crew were serving the complimentary champagne. So when you hold it in your hand and try to let your body compensate for the swaying of the plane, well let’s just say I ended up wearing some of it. Not as bad as the one guy in the rear of the plane who had 6 dropped on his head.
The crew reacted well and before long we were diverting into Helena Montana.

We landed around 9 AM. One of the crew took a big wallop so they needed to have him looked at by a medic. The EMT came and assessed him, but the company decided to switch out the crew. Therefore the wait became a little protracted while we waited for a new crew to come from Edmonton.

When the crew had news they passed it to us, which was good. Long lines of folks going to the washrooms while we waited. A couple of passengers opting to not continue on the trip. Still waiting for the final decision on what to do, and we were going to be a half hour early if we kept on schedule.

10 AM. Seems that we will now be changing planes as well as crew. Maybe even today. US customs has been called to do what needs to be done so we can legally enter the country. We may even get to use a hotel room to freshen up in the meantime. The crew did feed us a breakfast sandwich and put a Disney movie on for all the kids on the plane.

11 AM. Rumour has it the replacement plane has to come from Toronto. Oh boy!! And so the rumour has been confirmed.

12 PM. We have now been cleared by US customs, the field agent had to come from Great Falls. The replacement plane is 3 – 4 hours away and we will be coming to the Helena airport terminal to wait for the new plane. It has a full maintenance crew as well as a new flight crew. So, hopefully we will get to Puerto Vallarta around 7 hours late.

All in all due to a spin being put into the air by Mother Nature we have had a different flight than the one originally planned. The Helena airport folks, US Customs and the airline have all been pitching in to get us to our final destination. Thanks for this so far!

1230 PM. We have now deplaned and are waiting in the main terminal at Helena.

1PM our “old” plane has been taken away from the terminal and is likely being taken over to a spot where they can more easily do the maintenance check.  Only 3 and a half more hours to wait for our new plane!  Have to give a hats off to the Sunwing Air crew – they really did a great job of keeping us informed.


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