An Eventful Flight – Part IV

They are “really” bringing in the beer at the cafe now.  Also trying to find a way for the smokers to get a fix.  Nicorette gum anyone – a very nice staff member has agreed to share with any of our real needy folks. Super Excellent Hospitality Helena Airport Staff!!!!!!!!! Waiting now for the plane to arrive.  Hope it is soon. Had at least one twitter request from ABC news for some photo’s of what went on when the plane was in the air – didn’t take any – ah my shot at US fame gone down in flames now. (maybe not the most appropriate words).  Now have received tweets from CBS and the Associated Press too.  If I only had a phone that worked in the US.

RADIOEDD @mcdnjim Hi Jim, Ed Donahue at Associated Press Radio in DC. Can you give us a call for a brief interview? ###-###-####. Thanks! 2014-03-16, 4:32 PM
LindseyJGordon @mcdnjim Hey! Wondering if you’d like to speak about the delay with @KXLH, Helena’s local CBS-affiliate? 2014-03-16, 4:11 PM
chrisdonato04 @mcdnjim Hi from ABC News – were you on Sunwing 559? Do you have any pictures from the plane? 2014-03-16, 3:20 PM

Charging up my mac pro for the rest of the journey – maybe watch some movies. Really hope the rest of the trip is calm and boring.. Good news the “rescue” flight is one hour out – it’s 415PM now.  Here is a photo of our old plane. IMG_0351


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