An Eventful Flight – Part V

Well, it is now 455 PM and the plane should be on the ground within the next 20 minutes.  We have had a bunch of those on the flight interviewed by news media from the surrounding area and a few  requests to do interviews over twitter and the like.  We are all now comparing stories – a bunch of us just felt that this was not a major deal until we heard that the one flight attendant was bleeding from an injury – he was the one that they have identified as being checked out by the EMT.  The company also wanted to check the aircraft before putting it back into customer service.  Wind Shear anyone???

So we did admit to the staff of the plane as well as to those here at the Helena Airport that they were doing an excellent job of dealing with those of us delayed.  There are likely a bunch of us who haven’t slept since Friday night and are looking forward to a really nice sleep in PV.

Unfortunately, the cafe made last call about 20 minutes ago 😦


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