An Eventful Flight – Part VI

Well the plane just landed and we are all getting ready to board for the continuation of our flight to Mexico. Everyone has been great. The kids, especially, on our flight and all the staff and other folks who were involved. Great work and a huge thank you to those involved. The passengers also turned what could have been a very painful experience into one that was a scary inconvenience and we all need to take a little credit for that positive outlook. The TSA folks liked the improtu concert by the pipers in the terminal too. That brought some levity.

Let’s hope the rest goes smoothly as we end the travel day.

We got on the plane in Helena, there were a few more ups and downs due to turbulence. The crew of the new Sunwing 559 got a huge reaction when they talked about serving champagne on the flight. I don’t think they knew why – that was when the last plane hit the air pocket – so…

The rest of the flight was relatively smooth, Customs and the currency exchange went well, as did the transition to the hotel.

Nice room so far – we will see what the view looks like in the morning. Since we all have the inclusive option we may meet people at breakfast. Likely that there won’t be a lot of exploring tomorrow – in fact the Pipers practice has been called off.

Well that ends day 1.  More to follow.


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