PV Day 2

PV day 2

A lazy lie in followed by a thought that we would explore a little. Went down for breakfast and had a great conversation with the bands bass drummer and his wife. When we looked at the time we had to get ready for our snorkel and beach BBQ excursion. So back to the room to get ready for the trip.

Were at the docks and on the boat. Took the boat to the island where we snorkelled for an hour, I now have a nicely reddened back where I had no sun screen or water covering me while I swam.

Got back in the boat and made our way to the beach for a great meal. We were then left to our own devices for about an hour then got back on the boat for the hour trip back to the port. When we arrived the Celebrity Century had gone and we saw the people boarding for the pirate cruise and rhythms of the night.

Returned to the hotel went immediately into the pool for a bit. Had showers and a little relaxation in the room before heading down for a late dinner.


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