Parade day PV Day 5 Continued

Left the Sheraton for the Hotel Rosita and met up with the other two bands for the parade. The Saint Patrick’s Battalion band from Mexico City and the Galitian band. Everyone sorted out the bands played a little warmup together and compared licks. The Saint Patrick’sBattalion band purchased new chanters this week to play with our band.

IMG_0443 IMG_0444 IMG_0445 IMG_0450
While we were getting ready we met a couple of retirees from ETS who were vacationing here for the winter. They just happened to be downtown and bumped into the Drum Major who they know quite well.
All set everyone moved to the start line and they were off St Patrick’s Battalion leading. Down the promenade in central PV gathering quite the following and ending off at the amphitheatre, which was right beside the Museum of Naval History.


A Mexican Navy Drum and Bugle band were waiting to welcome them. After a short welcome message from the organizers ETD was up to play in front if a crowd between 450 and 700 plus how ever many were walking thru.
ETS P & D  rocked their sets. The pipers then left the stage for the drummers to do their set and then rejoined them with “In The Jungle”, which they learned for Cari West, followed by the rest of their set. Great response from the crowd.
The Cultural Association of Galitia was up next with their unique pipes. While they were playing ETS P & D were swamped with people looking for photos etc. The Galitians rocked their set too, and they had dancers too.

Hugo then made a few announcements about the festival and that tonight’s sets would be followed up by a pub crawl starting and ending at Murphy’s Irish Pub. Then the Saint Patricks Battalion band did their set. They rocked it too. Especially when they pulled out la cucaracha and Aye Yay Yay Yay.

IMG_0484 IMG_0487

For the encore they brought out a dancer too – cool.
Final announcements from regional and local officials took place and the a mass bands set, which sounded very good and off the the pub.


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