What to do when you Celebrate 25 Years with your Spouse?

Why go back to one of the places you went when you first were married of course!!

In this instance we have returned to the site of our honeymoon – lo these 25 years past – the Fairmont Jasper Park Lodge.  Image

Day 1 was the journey from our present home location in the greater Edmonton Area – OK St Albert.  First you pack, then you ensure that the big kids (23 and 20) look after the little kid (19) – who is on tour with the UAMC all over northern Alberta, Yukon and BC.  Then you ensure that the dog and the bird will be looked after by the middle kid, pack the SUV and leave!  Going down highway 16 and listening to CBC radio 1 until the signal starts messing up and then going to the old iPhone for the recorded tracks.  Three and a bit hours later you are nearly there – after a quick stop for snacks at the local Timmies in Hinton.

Anyway we arrive at this wonderful location and are greeted with the usual adroitness by the staff who quickly give us our package to the room and we are on the way – sadly we trooped up to the room only to find that the key was not meant for the room we were told to go to.  Another trip to the lobby and all was set right.  When we got the room open we went in to find this on the table.


Nice touch.  So we unpacked, put new shoes on and went for a quick walk halfway round Lac Beauvert to loosen up the muscles from the drive. Image We had enough time to get back to the room, dress for dinner and walk to the main building in time to make our dinner reservation.  It was Awesome! Had a little champagne to start, some French Onion Soup and the mains followed by some more chocolate strawberries and viola – we were back to our room – not before stopping to let the front desk know that there was a minor issue with the fridge in our room – the door fell off.

So we trekked back to the room and started blogging, playing solitaire until the repairman – Sam a nice Australian guy – came and replaced the fridge – the door fell off when he opened it too – whew!!

Anyway – that’s all for tonight folks – more news tomorrow – maybe.

Oh yea!  RES is on stage with the Edmonton Symphony Orchestra tonight and tomorrow doing a really neat project composed by Robert Rival – I am sad to miss this project but am glad I can celebrate with my lovely lady this weekend.

Wishing you

Love, Luck and Laughter  (stolen from a very good friend of mine!!)


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