First RES Rehearsal of the 2014/2015 Season

Well, last night was the first night back with RES for our new season. We were again blessed to have Michael Zaugg from ProCoro Canada leading us through our paces in the Joby Talbot piece “Path of Miracles” which we will be joining ProCoro to perform on Sep 28 Link here.

We had worked on this piece with Michael starting in May and had a few rehearsals.  Enough time to get the parts into our heads and the rhythms working in our ears. Unfortunately some didn’t spend enough time on the rhythms and notes (in particular the author of this missive) so we were a little rusty.  However, taking this in stride, Michael went thru this with us fairly quickly and by the end of the rehearsal we had made some progress.

This work features 4 parts and is about the journey to Santiago do Compostela and Finisterre.  Michael informed us again that we are going to be moving around on stage and in the hall, so this should be a very interesting experience for all of us.  In preparation I have been listening to the Tenebrae recording of this work – very moving and awesome!

Path of Miracles

I have had the good fortune to also hear the 4th part of this work live at ProCoro Canada’s spring concert.  Hearing it live was a wonderful experience and I am looking forward to doing this work in the Winspear.


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