Really Nice News

Well, it starts with some not so nice news.  My youngest attended his first year of University last year, in the Science 100 program – an excellent program!!!  Unfortunately with the program you only receive 1 mark for all your work and if it isn’t meeting the standard you have some choices to make.  Unfortunately, again, the U of A is not clear in their definition of what a letter is.  My son was waiting for an old fashioned letter with his options and an electronic letter was sent to his Bear Tracks account, which he did not check until badgered ruthlessly by his parents only to find an email that he opened after 4 on the Friday he was to have his option choices in.  He tried pleading his case on the Monday, but alas it was too late and now he must wait until fall 2015 to see if he will be re-admitted.

So, you are asking what is the really nice news?  I’ll get to it!!!  If you have read any of my blogs you might have noticed comments about my son singing with the University of Alberta Mixed Chorus last year.  With the option of going back to school gone for this fall I asked him if he would like to sing with me in RES.  To my shock, and delight, he said yes.  We then had to find him a song – which he kind of procrastinated on until Monday for a Thursday night audition.  Then last night I took him to my vocal coach for a lesson – Thanks again Barb!!!

Tonight was the big night.  He came, he sang, he made it!! He has been invited by Dr Len Ratzlaff to sing with RES in the Bass II section for our 2014/2015 season.

res logo full name-H


As I said really nice news!!!


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