2nd RES Rehearsal of the 2014/2015 Season

2nd RES Rehearsal of the 2014/2015 Season

Half the rehearsal for our November 2 Concert – Schubert and Vivaldi Gloria’s, and half the rehearsal for September 28 ProCoro Canada Path of Miracles concert.

Arrived with time to spare to pick up music and for Liam to pay his RES fee’s and basically check in. Walked him over to the Bass 2 section and introduced him to all of the gentlemen located there.

Len welcomed everyone back, as this was the first rehearsal for the whole choir, he was also singing last week with Tim Schantz and his choir. Len reminded the choir that he was on sabbatical for the year, but would be in and out while leaving us in Sara and Michael’s hands, at least for this first month of the season. Len then introduced our new members 1 new Soprano, a new Alto and my son who will be singing with the Bass 2’s. Len made note of Liam’s low E flat as well.

Sara conducted the warm up for the choir and provided some introductory notes to the Schubert Gloria.  She took a poll in the choir and for the first time in a while not many hands went up for those who had sung this piece before. I think it is part of her Phd Thesis because she is very excited, effusive and knowledgeable about the piece, noting that there are quite a few new parts that have been found in various places over the years, as recently as the 90s, including never before seen Trumpet and Timpani parts. We will be performing this with strings and organ.  It was a very interesting brief to the piece.  We walked through most of the piece in slow time, dealing with text first and quickly got the main themes, however as Sara pointed out, repeatedly – don’t give it away in the first measure.  Keep people guessing, moving to the Credo she made note that there is an idea that Schubert was creating an allusion to the Prisoners Chorus from Beethoven’s Fidelio with the walking Bass movement.  She ald reminded us that the difference between notes on a page and music is how we add emotion and nuance to it.

The Vivaldi Gloria came next with much the same process.  We will be performing this piece with the Alberta Baroque Ensemble during the concert.  Sara noted that there have been new parts of this piece found as well, but not as many as for the Schubert.  She made note of how, during some of the parts, it was like Vivaldi was passing a baton from section to section.

We then had our break – go for the grocery gift card fund raiser.

Michael Zaugg then came in for the second half and took the Tenor’s and Basses who would be singing Path of Miracles with him while Sara remained in the main room with the Soprano’s and Alto’s.  We worked on Part 1 starting with the long held tones that we will be singing, trying to get the overtones into our ears as well as the counting and basic notes.  We were doing quite well with it when we went back to join the others and do a general brush up on some of the other areas of the first part. 

Michael reminded us that we are singing on Saturday and ProCoro Canada will be joining us in the afternoon.  So it should be quite the day of singing.


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