4th RES Rehearsal of the 2014/2105 Season

4th RES Rehearsal of the 2014/2105 Season

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Tonight we are back into the grind of having two rehearsals one for Vivera, our concert Nov 2, 2014 and one for The Path of Miracles with ProCoro Canada on Sep 28, 2014.

We find our seats in the room and are warmed up by Sara.

Sara took us through the remainder of the pieces she is conducting, most of us were “reading” these for the first time. Vivaldi Gloria and Schubert Mass # 2 in G.  She started tonight with the Vivaldi working us through parts 4 to 12, less the solo bits.  Then we went onto the Schubert Agnus Dei followed by the Sanctus.  We have now “read” through all of the works so now should be able to polish and finesse our sound on these two works.

We had our announcements – an RES tradition and went on to our break.

Back for the second half we were greeted by Michael Zaugg and broken off into sectionals.  The Tenors and Basses went with Michael while the Sopranos and Altos stayed in the room with Sara.

Path of Miracles.  We worked on the fourth movement Santiago tonight, spending time on the more challenging rhythm areas and, again, trying to set this into our heads – for some it is a repeated rhythm on the same note.  Michael did challenge us Basses for holding onto notes too long and not following the dynamics as written – he was right!!  There was also a short conversation about how the composer was using parallel fifths in the piece, something that was forbidden in the poliphony but makes it sound ancient. When the time came we rejoined the others in the main room and continued on with the rehearsal again focusing on the fourth movement.  However before we got into it he mentioned how ProCoro Canada thought it was a pretty good rehearsal on Saturday and the part where he had RES basically surround them during a part of Santiago that they found it creepy.  We succeeded I guess, since we were to be menacing.

Path of Miracles


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