5th RES Rehearsal of the 2014/2015 Season

res logo full name-H

Once again we advance to the FAB on the U of A campus to engage with song and voices in the hope of making music. Which is an artsy way of saying Choir practice tonight.

We are doing the split format again with Sara starting out with a warmup and work on the Schubert and the Vivaldi, for our November 2nd Concert Vivera at McDougall United Church. Of note on the Vivaldi, Len did come out and state that RES performed the work at least once, in the mists of time, during his report at our AGM last Friday.

Vivaldi starting with part 2 and then into parts 7,8 and 9 with the new score markings we received last night being emphasized. Then onto the Schubert for something completely different with Sara using some of Michaels tricks to get us to stay on pitch and in tune and telling us to let the pieces grow and not to peak or give things away too early. She reminded us that we will be singing the Schubert with the Madrigal singers in the concert. We started with the Kyrie then the Gloria. As Sara said, when the Tenors went astray, Schubert did not do improv.

Then it was break starting with announcements, looking for more people to sing with the songsters, a smaller group who do gigs around Christmas,etc.  Also Lynn, our new President Elect was on deck for announcements tonight, looking for some new board members and an archivist.

Following the break we had the smaller chorus of those of us who are working on Path of Miracles with Michael Zaugg for the September 28 concert at the Winspear. This is also our last split format rehearsal as starting Saturday and all next week it is all Path of Miracles all the time. The first thing Michael did was to write: shoes, shirts, capes, scores and scenes on the board:

IMG_0004Shoes need to be black and quiet, shirts need to be a solid colour with a collar and fore arm length sleeves, capes will be available from ProCoro Canada but if you want to make your own – Michael went to Fabricland the other day checking out fabric for the capes and gave the dimensions and relative cost if people wanted to do that.  Scores in black folder, scenes – for those with a thespian bent or those who are just Ham’s there will be vignet opportunities during part II of the piece on stage.  black below the waist, shoes black, solid colour collared shirt (rubber soles), shirts, capes, scores and scenes on the board.

We sorted out the location for Saturday’s rehearsal and then played find our starting pitch at a spot where we come in without a cue in the last movement. Then at one point he asked for the soprano’s to “be the alto’s” at an entry, a powerful ask for them. LOL

Then Michael related a story when he was talking to Joby, the composer, about singing the piece with more than 19 singers, he said that Joby was not really in favour of more than a small number singing because they would slow the piece. Michael was sure he would be able to get a non professional choir to keep up!  Challenge accepted!


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