6th RES Rehearsal of the 2014/2015 Season (Path of Miracles)

First rehearsal @ McDougall with ProCoro Canada. We had to arrive a few minutes early to pick up our Pilgrim/Dracula capes. Our one bit of costuming for this production.

After some words of intro from Russ, and a note that there are only 46 seats left in the Winspear for this concert, Sara began the warmup for RES.

Michael then gave us some notes. Mostly TEXT, TEXT, TEXT and don’t look at your score when you are singing. Look at it when you are not singing.

PCC then joined us and Michael said that there would be two parts to the rehearsal Part 1 would be “this and that” Part 2 would be “that and this”. So we started with the last two pages of the work, which are to be memorized. We spent most of the time working on entries in Parts III and IV taking time where we join PCC or when something “interesting” happens. Then Michael introduced some drums and tambourines to some of the PCC singers, just for fun. Following that we did some staging and then we had our break.

After break, more work, but on Part II and Part I. We moved to do some staging of the very first secrion. This included listening to the introductory narration to give us a sense of how long some of the staging would have. Cool!

After that RES was let go and Michael and PCC spent some time rehearsing. I wrote this blog from the back of the church and then took this photo.

Wow, writing the whole thing on a phone is kind of tough. All sorts of words and phrases popping up when and where you don’t want them just because I rolled my thumb the wrong way. Sheesh!

IMG_0600.JPGHowever, then I went out and took these photo’s

IMG_0601 IMG_0602


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