7th RES Rehearsal of the 2014/2015 Season (Path of Miracles)

Path of Miracles

Monday night we gathered, an unusual night for us RESers as our normal rehearsal night is Tuesday.  However, this was our first kick at the cat in the Winspear with ProCoro Canada.  We came to see the risers up and the stage basically set, but wow that is a big screen.  Is it going to be up for the show on Sunday because it will be difficult to get the sound from the loft to the back of the house.

Sara did our warmup, here is a photo I tweeted.IMG_0603

Michael took pity on us and stated that it should be gone by the show as it was up for something happening this week.  We then started working through the various parts of the piece starting at the end and working our way forwards at least for the parts where RES is singing.  At break Michael asked for those who were doing scene’s in part 2 to just gang up on him and provide names and which part we were going to do.  Being a grade A ham I signed up to be the dead guy – if you come you will understand.  I also took a photo of some of the props.  Looks like something I find on my deck…


Break done we did some work, including moving to the loft to rehearse the dropping of the capes – well, I did anyway. Took this photo of the ProCoro guys around Michael…  Anyway, we were lucky and finished around 2115 for the night.  It feels good and things are starting to come together for the choir.  Apparently it sounds awesome in the hall!!



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