8th RES Rehearsal of the 2014/2015 Season (Path of Miracles)

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Get the picture??

Tuesday. Dress rehearsal!

I’ll warn you right now – I’m tired and I just finished one of those nighttime neo citrans so this is going to be a bit of a discombobulated post.  Here we go!


Arrive at the appropriate time, we cruise around, get into our capes and check out the other fashionista’s wandering around in their serviceable but black hipster capes – wait —wrong blog.


Tonight we are all about getting to where we have to go for certain parts of the show, including finding out we can’t get there on time and have to change some cues.  Sara to the rescue!!!

Michael did the warmup tonight, it was fun.  Then we went into different parts of the score doing entrances and making sure the timings worked for moving around, some adjustments were made as you might gather from the para above.

At break we had a chance to practice our scene: “no you didn’t kill me you found me on the side of the road and it was sad so you should pray”.  Be lucky the English didn’t steal from you either…  Little vignettes that work with the text.

Again, text, text, text and I don’t mean on your phone.

At one point the lights were being adjusted so this is what we saw, while we were trying to read our score’s.  Even the most enterprising will only be able to use their iphone as a flashlight for so long.  Anyway, that was fixed very shortly after….


We did our walkabouts, threw (wait – you have to come to the show to see that bit) our “never mind” then and practiced leaving at the end of the last part. Gee I hope there is applause – that is a cue for us to come back to our places in the loft “remember look at your shoes and think – thank you very much – and look back up”.

Come see the show – if you can still get tix – Sunday September 28 @ 1430 at the Winspear Centre for Music – Pro Coro Canada with special guests the Richard Eaton Singers celebrate Alberta Culture Days.


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