9th RES Rehearsal of the 2014/2015 Season

There were a few more people in the room tonight. Some were not singing up to this rehearsal because of the Path of Miraceles, so it was nice to see the faces which had been missing up to now.

Russ from ProCoro Canada came into the room to thank us on behalf of the choir for doing the Path of Miracles on the weekend and how moving it was for him personally to see and hear.

Sara did the warmup, since it was her rehearsal and Len is away in Calgary. We then started into the Schubert – after Talbot it was quite different – same text but in a more traditional format. We spent the time prior to the break working through the Gloria from the back to the front concentrating on the markings she gave us. Then the Credo, Agnus Dei and the Sanctus

Don’t give it away, don’t telegraph the ending or the end of a phrase.

Michael came at break to also thank those of us who worked on the Path of Miracles.

On to the Vivaldi, energize the rehearsal..

Part 5, then 4, then 11 followed by 12.

12 Sounds like Handel! Don’t give it all away in the third last measure. Watch out for the descending thirds keep it light. In this part it’s more about dynamics. There is an ebb and flow between part. Stay with her “don’t go have a sandwich”.
Finish with the beginning!


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