11th RES Rehearsal of the 2014/2015 Season

Len some announcements. Some introductions, a returning Baritone, and a visiting student from Germany. Looking for front of house people for our concert. Sign ups for the site singing and aural skills in Jan/Feb. Congrats to Sara who passed her defence for her PhD this afternoon.

Warmup by Sara. The rest of the bunch are showing up now to get to the old chestnuts of choral music.

Off we go to the Vivaldi and the Schubert!!! Vivaldi in quartets. More g sound in the Gloria. A few fixes in the second movement, then onto the fourth and fifth – are we getting the feel of the movement? Sing parts of it staccato just to work through the pitches. Forescore played a trick on me and went to the end of the score so I had to do it from memory – which didn’t work out too bad. Then to the seventh and some work on the rhythm which Len says we should make feel driven and a little faster, then we went through the rest of the piece.

Onto Schubert, starting with the Sanctus. Finishing touches and checkups on certain spaces.

Break – welcome back to one of our Alto’s who was away on her honeymoon… Announcements about the upcoming auction and concert.

Back from break into Schubert. Len’s comment is that both these pieces are deceptively simple.

And we’re done after the Agnus Dei.


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