Trying out something new – again

Well, if you have been following any of these posts you may have read about the audition in 2013 for the Basilica Schola Cantorum.  You may also remember that I didn’t make it into that august group largely because of my site reading skills, or lack thereof.  Anyway, what you may not remember is that there was going to be a Basilica choir made up of volunteers to augment the Schola.

I received an email in September asking me if I wished to be part of the Basilica Choir for the 1030 Masses.  I thought long and hard about it – I sing with two other people at the 0900 Mass at Holy Family in St Albert the first Sunday of every month and my wife just signed me up to be a greeter there as well.  So I sent an email back to the Director of Music for the Basilica saying that I did have some conflicts but did not want to pass up on the opportunity.  He sent back that we should give it a try and see what happens.  So I am, although I did miss the very first rehearsal, which was October 5,  then followed Thanksgiving which was cancelled due to the holiday.  So I made it to the rehearsal last Monday and met the 8 others who were there.  Apparently there are around 18 of us in total.  We were met by Elizabeth, who is a Gregorian Chant scholar.  We quickly were put through our paces working through Christopher Mueller’s Mass, which will be the norm.  Also worked on some of the other responses as well as a couple of the hymns for November 2, which will be the Choirs first outing with the Schola.  Sadly I will not be with them for that Sunday due to my commitments at Holy Family.


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