Travel Once Again. This time for fun!

My wife and I are leaving Edmonton Alberta, but only for a week.  We are flying out on 16 February to attend a family wedding in Mexico.  No, this one is not a “destination wedding”, however we are flying to a destination. . .   My Wife’s Sister’s son will be tying the knot on Saturday 21 February to a lovely young lady who is from the city of Cuernavaca in the state or Morelos Mexico.  Jeff has been to and from Mexico since he graduated out of high school, first for a year-long mission as part of his church, then he went back  after a couple of years back in the big S’toon.  He finally made the big choice to move back there last year and shortly after became engaged.  Wonder what kept drawing him back – Mexico is a wonderful place.

Anyway we will be flying out of YEG tomorrow and meeting up with our flat mates for the week – Margot’s sister and her Husband as well as her Mom and Dad.  Should be quite the experience and we are both looking forward to this trip.  The chance to get away from a not so bad winter to a place where the average temperature is what we like a summer’s day to be like at the lake.  Where the only difficulty will be to decide how far to walk to see the sites over the next 8 days and what sights to see.

Should be fun!

This time we are not travelling on a charter flight or with a tour group so I hope we are not going to have to layover in Helena Montana like we did last year on the Pipe Band Trip.  Anyway – flying on Air Canada so we shall see what happens next.

Our next big touristic/air miles kind of trip may not be until 2017 when we are looking at possibly going on two trips – one possibility to attend the 100th anniversary of the battle of Vimy Ridge, the other another choir tour to the UK.  Admittedly the possible Vimy Ridge Trip would be in April and the choir trip would not likely begin until July after school is out.  Still a lot of funds to start putting aside and excitement to let build.


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