Travel Time

We have a later flight today and were moving slowly as we packed and got things sorted. If we don’t have it now it is too late. Anyway we had the Kia loaded and were on the road in short order, within my window for leaving. Our oldest son was driving and we were all giving him tips while he was driving. I’m sure he appreciates our willingness to share 😜.
We were in the Henday, making up good time when we turned into the QE 2. Just when we got past the point of no return we were confronted with 4 lanes of traffic that was at a standstill. Went to my best friend Twitter to find out what was happening and found out there was a single vehicle accident just south of the city. Well, 13 km to go and we were averaging no miles per hour.
As the minutes ticked by we slowly advanced metre by metre until finally we were able to get off the highway going the wrong way on the entrance into the highway from Gateway Park. We headed north to Ellerslie and then made our way on the grid roads beside the highway. We arrived at the airport 90 minutes before the flight, still proving the usefulness of trying to get there two hours prior because you never know what will happen in the way.
Margot was saying that it seems we are now tagged with some kind of delay or interruption in all of our travels lately. Hopefully that will be all of it.
The boys said that the traffic was still at a standstill round the accident area. Heard that there were 3 fatalities and 1 evacuated by STARS air ambulance. Too bad!
Let the checkin and security staff know that there was trouble on the highway and they should expect a big influx when the road reopens.
Inside the airport all was calm and so were we. TTFN!


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