Cuernavaca Day 1

We got onto the plane in Edmonton all well and good, took off and landed in Vancouver and met up with the “in laws” Margot’s Mom, Dad, Sister and Brother in law.  We managed to coordinate our trip plans so that we were arriving in Mexico City at the same time.  A little tour around YVR, grabbing a little snack from SubWay and checking out the prices for Johnny Walker Blue label – $250 – a little too much at this point.

Some visiting, and just as they start to call the flight – Margot disappears coming back into sight just as our zone is called to begin boarding. The flight to Mexico City was not as full as the one from YEG – that one was full, full, full.

So what do you do when you have a five and a half hour flight and not many paper books to read – grab the trusty KOBO (which is all the letters for BOOK in case you never put 2 + 2 together) and read a downloaded PDF or attempt to.  That lasted for about an hour -then I found the TV, it was under the armrest I was sitting near the over wing exit.

Well, once I found that I had to finish watching the Boxtrolls from the first flight.  Then I watched Fury – both of these movies were well done.  I was very surprised by Fury as it did not have all the gung ho BS I thought it would – Brad Pitt was very good in it!!!

We arrived at Mexico City Airport and took a while to get to our luggage carousel followed by the required bathroom breaks and then I saw an open cash exchange and went to do jus that.  We then made our way out past the red button of “do you get the full blown inspection or not”.  We did not.

Out of security and we were met by Margot’s other sister – the mother of the groom, the groom and his prospective father in law.  We all trundled over to the van and made our way to Cuernavaca in long order – seems there was lots of construction on the routes we wanted to take, then finding the flat was a bit of a chore – but here we are now safe and sound, unpacked and ready for bed.



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