Cuernavaca Day 2 AM

We awoke after a first night in a different country and in a new bed. Breakfast under our belts and ready do meet what comes next in the day.  we have a beautiful view of the mountains from the different decks of the villa we are staying in – Casa La Vista.  We have a pool, two hammocks two tiered deck, 4 bedrooms with as many bathrooms.  All in all “bliss”.  

Our concierge is a wonderful woman who helped us zero in on the location last night but also had breakfast ready for us this morning – it was bacon and eggs, toast and jam, coffee and juice but it was great for us travellers.

There are bird of paradise and orange trees in the back yard – as well as the sound of the tuned Honda civic roaming around the city. So far so good.  We will be departing shortly with the “groom” and his mother to head downtown for some touristic activities.  The plan for later tonight is to be back early for a dinner of chicken and mole sauce – not sure what else we will be eating as our collective Spanish is sadly lacking!!!!!!!  We are doing our best translating into French and then back to English to try and get the gist of what the topic of conversation is – but . . .  She is very patient with us so far. Photo’s are on the phone as we speak.

2015-02-17 08.38.30 2015-02-17 10.42.152015-02-17 08.32.54


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