Cuernavaca Day 4

Seems a little like ground hog day – woke up and showered before an 0830 breakfast – shoulder was a little sore from bowling, but otherwise OK.  Had a very pleasant surprise this morning with the omelette choice that was provided to us.  MMMMMMMMMM!!!

So what do we do now – well we were not going to have the services of our Groom today so we were pretty much on our own.  We had resorted to a number of the “what to do in Cuernavaca if you are a tourist” sites and came up with a couple of things.

Jardin Borda.  From the Cuernavaca Wikipedia entry. The Borda Garden is located near the cathedral on Morelos Street. Originally, this was a house bought by José de la Borda, the mining magnate of Taxco in the mid-eighteenth century. Later, his son, Manuel de Borda y Verdugo, transformed the grounds of the house into gardens filled with flower and fruit trees to satisfy his passion for botany. These gardens also contain a number of fountains and an artificial lake that were completed in 1783. The complex also contains lodgings, offices, a restaurant, and a nightclub. In 1865, this was the summer home of Emperor Maximilian I and his wife Carlota Amalia. It hosted major political soirées in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, such as those sponsored by Porfirio Díaz and Emiliano Zapata. Today the area is a public park where the gardens have been maintained and it is possible to take a short boat ride on the lake. The house has been converted into a museum. Six of its halls are dedicated to temporary exhibits while the other seven are devoted to recreating the characteristics of the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries.

Salto de San Anton.  From the Cuernavaca Wikipedia entry. The Salto de San Anton is a large ravine with a small waterfall that is located within the city limits of Cuernavaca. The waterfall is 36 meters high, with its water coming from a small tributary of the Zempoala River. The vertical walls of the ravine are of basalt and broad-leafed vegetation grows in nooks and crannies of the stone.We were going to try for the pyramid near the centre of town but did not have enough information to sort that out.

So we had cabs come to collect us and take us to the Jardin Borda.  We arrived and walked into the entrance, made our way to the ticket seller and saw the start of the exhibit on Angel Zarraga going on.  We walked through the parks and around the various flora including ponds and a lake with fish and turtles.

IMG_0738 IMG_0741 IMG_0742 IMG_0744

After we finished our time in the Jardin we were set on going to find the Salto, we started to go down some pretty steep streets and lost two of our number to the lure of a restaurant close to the Catedral (Marco Polo Pizzaria).  We continued on crossing the bridge and then taking what turned out to be a fortuitous encounter with a young mexican woman who worked for Metlife.  She asked us where we were going, we told her – she tried to tell us directions in her excellent spanish and then started to try and figure us out using her excellent english – while we floundered in our horrible spanish and colloquialized english.  Finally she said – I’ll just take you, and she did.  She also told us that the “short cut” we had just come through with her was not secure and was dangerous.  We thanked her for her assistance and went down to the waterfall.

IMG_0755 IMG_0174 IMG_0170

After taking in the scene – you cannot go behind the waterfall anymore, due to some construction issues – we made our way back to the Marco Polo and had a couple of cold Corona’s as well as a really good pizza.  Having spent some time in the restaurant we made our way back to the villa – we are getting better in telling our cabbies where to turn.  Going into the pool a little bit, Margot practicing her pipes a little bit, and generally lazing around.

The Grooms parents and sister came over for a little while and then stayed for supper – fish and an avocado salad both of which were excellently prepared.

Supper being done and the Grooms family having departed the rest of us started working on a challenge.  Maybe I will tell you about it after Saturday – TTFN.


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