Curenavaca Day 3

Well, we managed to get up for our breakfast at 0830 – and it was awesome just as it was the day prior.  Eggs Mexican style, toast, fruit, juice, coffee and bacon.  We all liked it especially the eggs.

What to do on another sunny day in Cuernavaca when our only pressing engagement is a bowling session at 4PM.  We decided to go for a walk up the Chalma Sur – getting the lay of the street and just stretching our legs.  We walked for a while, passing all sorts of store fronts: tire repair shops, laundries, taco making stores, etc. etc. etc…  We had a good stretch and decided to go off the beaten path at one point as the rest of the street did not look very interesting.

So off we went down one of the side streets.  The first thing we spied was a stationery store – which was good as neither of the couples had purchased a card and we did not have a suitable set of wrapping for the gifts.  With those little items purchased we continued on our way – passed a number of Jardin Kinder – Took me a while to get it Kindergarten!!!!! The little voices singing along did not do it for me.

Regardless, we kept on walking passing more small businesses until we met up with the main road once more Chalma and started making our way back.  We passed by the traffic circle that has become like a homing beacon for all of us and went into the Oxxo that it at the top of the hill.  We thought that we had not asked our concierge to get lunch fixings so we decided to look for ourselves – admittedly Oxxo is not the highest form of cuisine – ranks right up with 711.  Anyway we walked around for about 2 minutes, then decided to walk back to the villa and check out the plan with the “parents/in laws”.  They thought it was a great idea and immediately set out to get the stuff.  We didn’t realize this for about 5 minutes, thinking it was a bathroom break.  Anyway – cold cerveza and hot dogs/ham sandwiches were quite an OK lunch.

We spent the bulk of the afternoon after that to our own devices – I was working thru the Poulenc Stabat Mater score with the recording and muse score and dabbling with the Rachmaninoff we are doing with the Edmonton Symphony in April.  The rest reading or putting their feet in the pool or having a nap or….

We then had a call from the Groom to meet him at a location downtown – so we all got ready and piled into the cabs within about 15 minutes.  We arrived at VIPs restaurant where their party had also just arrived and were in the process of ordering lunch – most of us just had a beverage – some of us did have milkshakes, and they had lunch.  With that all done we jumped into the mini bus and focus (so 2 vehicles if you are counting) and made our way over to the bowling alley which is in a cinema in a mall.

Margot in front of a fabric store in Cuernavaca
Margot in front of a fabric store in Cuernavaca

We wandered in the mall for a few minutes and then went 10 pin bowling for almost an hour.  Lots of pins were spared, unfortunately the gutter’s were not (LOL).  We then went for some Ice Cream – stopped at Costco to pick up some Dog Food for the Grooms new Father In Law, and went to the Grooms new apartment.

After some water and a quick tour we made our way back to the villa, had another wonderful dinner.  This time we had spaghetti and veal – it was great!!  Especially when you think we were eating outside in February.  After we finished some supper time discussions we gathered round the couch to play a little rage and generally went to bed.


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