Cuernavaca – Day 6 the wedding (Boda)

Cuernavaca – Day 6 the wedding (Boda)

We had earlier decided not to do much on the day of the wedding and true to form we ended up doing something but it was not much.  Pancakes were served for breakfast and they were very good.  Served with a concoction made out of condensed milk as well as jam and maple syrup – mm mm good!

We were then trying to figure out how much activity to do – decided again that we would not do much but also that we, at least Margot and I wanted to get some things for the ones we left at home.  So we decided to head to the Pulman bus depot to buy our tickets to the airport and then went to the centro to see if that could be accomplished.

So the taxi was ordered and we hit the bus depot and bought our tickets and got to the centro in short order – stopping at the ScotiaBank automated teller and then into the mall.  We were in search of “the lowly strappy sandal that will match or come close to Margot’s dress but without too much of a heel and not too tight around the front part of her foot but something that our daughter would not go bleh to!”  She found it in the first store and also a pair of purple boots, which unfortunately did not come in her size.  So we went shopping for treats and found them at the market near palacio de cortes.

We then made our way back to the villa and got all of our stuff ready for the wedding (boda).

Our concierge once again was invaluable in calling our taxi’s for us – while we did our last minute preparations.  All looking good we got in the cabs only to find when we were half way there that we had forgotten our presents to the happy couple.  When we arrive we saw what is shown below – a separate table for the bridal couple, not a head table as is normal in Canada – a beautiful layout with rose petals on the floor and white/red all over the place.  The cake was beautiful and meant to be eaten and the banquet hall was very workable for the ceremony.

IMG_0770 IMG_0771 IMG_0775

The ceremony started with the procession of the bridal party starting with the Mothers of both groom and bride being escorted into the hall, then the grooms men and maids of honour followed, of course, by the bride with her father – she was beautiful.

There was music throughout the whole procession period ending with versions of Amazing Grace in both Spanish and English.  The hymn has special significance to both the bride and groom and would play more of a role later in the evening as well.

What followed was a pretty standard wedding, if you call a continuous translation from English to Spanish and Spanish to English standard. The presiding pastor was from Jeff’s church in Saskatoon with his pastor from his time in Mexico City providing the translation services.  The Father’s of both bride and groom also gave moving discourses as did Margot’s Dad – which was well received in his most practiced spanish.

There followed the normal receiving line with the bride and groom wanting a photo with each couple or family who attended, as this was going on Margot and I quickly grabbed a cab back to the villa for the present returning just in time to get our photo with the happy couple. A nice meal of tortilla soup followed up with a main of rice and chicken was on offer.  It was a very tasty meal!!

Throughout the meal friends and family of the newlyweds were moving through the crowd with slips of paper asking couples/families to write down a special wish or message for the couple – these would later be paired up with the photo’s from the wedding itself – what a neat idea!!

With there being a natural lull a musical interlude was called for with Margot piping her way into the room followed quickly by the groom – who had just received his pipes again after nearly a year without playing – they were both very good, but the last song in the set was opened by the groom and was Amazing Grace – well done!  So what do you think was up next in the musical interlude? If you picked Mariachi band you are bang on!  There was an 8 piece band waiting while Margot and the groom were warming up and they were listening with interest and once the floor was clear they came in and performed a variety of music and favourites of the crowd – they did Cielito Lindo much better than we were prepared to do!!

IMG_0801 IMG_0803

Near the end of their set – the bride and groom appeared in Morelos national dress and did the “hat dance”, which is what I will call it in my ignorance.  It was very well done – and they had made quite the quick change to do it.  They started the dancing portion of the evening and got people up on the floor.  After that the music pretty much over things started to wind down after the cake and coffee were served.  Last minute catches of those who had not filled out their cards and watching the little kids run round in circles on the dance floor or throwing rose petals up and then watching them fall and doing it all over again were fun.  Then came the throwing of the bouquet and the tie, yes tie – there was no garter here!

All in all a very fun and worthwhile experience to be a part of.

Felicidad Jeff and Sarai!!!


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