Cuernavaca Day 7 – The day after – or the day we travel home :(

Not sure what the norm is for a day after the wedding but we went to visit a pyramid

(From Wikipedia)


Teopanzolco is an archeological site located just east of the historic downtown of Cuernavaca. Its construction is dated to the year 1427, and it was an important ceremonial center during the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries when the native Tlahuicas were dominated by the Aztecs. The site shows significant Aztec influence. It has a large pyramidal base, called the Gran Basamento, topped by two shrines, much like the Templo Mayor in Tenochtitlan. Only the stone columns of these shrines remain today. The teocalli, or sacred plaza, contains fourteen monuments including a circular altar dedicated to the wind deityEhécatl.[9][10] There are also two concentric structures separated by a moat or ditch. Both might have been dedicated to Quetzalcoatl, the feathered-serpent deity.[5]

We started off with toad in the hole – that’s toast with a hole cut out and an egg dropped into the whole and then cooked.  Kind of a neat thing that we have had in more than one country now.  Following that we did a little packing, as we will be leaving after supper to catch our bus and then our plane at sparrow fart tomorrow morning.

What did we see at Teopanzolco:

IMG_0808_2 IMG_0809 IMG_0814_2 IMG_0822_2 IMG_0827 IMG_0830 IMG_0834_2

cool eh?

Well, now to pack some more – charge the laptop and eat, generally get ready for the flight later today.  May blog from the airport, may not.

Let’s see what happens next.


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