Cuernavaca Day 6 – The voyage home part 1

We went back to the villa from Teopanzolco started to pack up a little and then went out onto the deck to have a beer and was later treated to a mango margarita by my brother in law both were good and hit the spot.  Basically the 6 of us just lazed around the pool or the deck chairs for the rest of the afternoon.  I did a little blogging and fixing up of the photo library on my computer and iphone and generally geeked!

Just before supper hour Margot and I packed up all of our stuff.  Theodora outdid herself this time with a wonderful salad and a tomato pasta for starters then coming up with chicken taco’s in a green salsa – mm mm, then we had fried banana with the condensed milk creme – good too!  All of us agreed that we were very fortunate to have lucked into such a great villa to stay in while we experienced Cuernavaca.

Supper being done we got ready to go to the bus depot.  Had the taxi come at 1910 to drive us, he was a tad late when he arrived and then we ran into traffic – no biggie as we were going to be waiting at the airport for around 9 hours.  Anyway we arrived at the bus depot, almost having a taxi fight with another cabbie on the way, in good order at 1935.  Since we already had our tickets we just moved over to see where the bus would be taken from and waited for the call to board.  Security checkin is also for buses in Mexico and although they just checked the stowed bags Margot had to get a sign off from one of the managers to bring her pipes in the main compartment – they are fairly fragile and very expensive so we did not want anything to happen to them.

When the call came we went to board the bus and found that there were complimentary drinks and cookies – bonus.

We left at 1957 with all passengers on board.  It took 1 minute for the TV advert/movie to be turned on (Elysium) and we were off.  It took 5 minutes for someone to ask for the air conditioning to be turned on – no it was not us.  Normally, and that means any other night but Sunday, this trip is about an hour but tonight it took 2 and a half.  Part of it was the traffic into Mexico City, part of it was when we had to stop and switch buses on the side of the road because that thing about the air conditioning was an issue with the bus.

So, we arrived at the airport terminal 1 in good time – 2230 for an 0555 flight.


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