Cuernavaca Day 7 – The voyage home part 2

Well, we have been sitting in the airport for almost 3 hours now.  There are cafe’s and some restaurants open, but as yet no airline counters and a lot of the available tables are filled with security staff.  All of the gate and ticket agents have gone home and all of the airline lounges have been shut for hours, not that I have a membership but if they were open. . . maybe!

The mac is plugged into a nice charging station that is courtesy of Samsung, kind of ironic. Margot has checked out the facilities and I have done a little walkabout recce to see where we need to go in the morning.  About 150 M down the terminal are the Air Canada check in counters and then we have to backtrack to gate G for boarding – I expect we will find out which actual boarding gate when we clear through security.

Its kind of neat to see who is in the airport very late at night – maintenance crews who are cleaning and repairing the place, Passengers who are too early or late for their flights.  People who are here because they planned to be early for various reasons, like the lady next to us who is obviously a student preparing for a practical exam of some kind.  Some are sleeping, others, like Margot are trying to do a crossword puzzle and so on.

It just passed 0100 Let’s see what happens next?

We made it through the seemingly miles of duty free shops and finally settled on a chocolate croissant and a cafe americano near the gate.  We did check on the price of the JW Blue Label but it was no deal like I missed in PV last year 😦

Boarding was called and we made the last few steps to the jetway and off to Vancouver.  There were no issues with the plane and I watched the movie Big Hero 6 – what a wonderful movie!

Now having just finished a Vera Burger and fries in the Vancouver Airport our kids have been alerted that we are once again on Canadian soil and that they should be getting ready to pick us up, hide the evidence and buy a new bird.

Made it home safe and sound.  Found two man boy’s, one dog and one bird all alive and happy to see us.  Vacation over!


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