Month: September 2015

SCS Night, the Fifth – no pleading here!

Tonight was the Annual General Meeting for our choir.  The rules are the same as for pretty much any other charitable organization - 25% of the membership would form the quorum and, fortunately, we had that.  So we started, ran through the agenda, verified the minutes from last year and then went for the elections. … Continue reading SCS Night, the Fifth – no pleading here!


SCS Night, The Fourth

Well, tonight my wife is in toon visiting, getting ready for the move and generally exploring life in our old hometown again.  She brought our dog and the first thing we did Monday morning was bring them both to work...  I had an oil change for my car and they drove me to the U … Continue reading SCS Night, The Fourth

New Toon

So, tonight is the first rehearsal with my new choir and tomorrow my son auditions for another new choir. Mine is with Saskatoon Chamber Singers and as I write this part I am sitting on the steps at the entrance to Knox United Church where we rehearse. Fortunately it is nice out for me to … Continue reading New Toon