SCS Night, the second

Tonight I return to Saskatoon Chamber Singers in hopes that my ear will be able to better pick out the notes that I am supposed to sing with the rest of the Baritone (Bass 1) section of the choir.  We received our repertoire last week and I think I have most of it in software or on sheets that allow me to properly rehearse either my lines alone or to listen to how the other singers or musicians interplay with them.  For the most part it is a fun, exciting evening and that act of singing itself is something I have found I need to do.

On to tonight – last week we made a good effort to get most of the pieces run through once, my guess is that we will do the same this week to get them into our heads a little and then start to pick apart the challenging bits and work on them a little.  We rehearse from 1930 to 2130 straight up, so no breaks for coffee or tom foolery, etc.  That’s fine for me!

Well, I was a little right and a little wrong.  We started with the Sanctus from the Requiem – a beautiful piece all by itself.  Then we moved on to the Lux Aeterna, to just get it done!  Following this we tried out the piece by Leslie Uyeda – Re-member Us, which so far as we can tell has no recordings on the net at all!

James then told us some of the pieces we would be memorizing for the concert – In Flanders Fields by Karl Jenkins, Evening Prayer by Ola Gjeillo are the first ones up.  We spent some time on the Gjeillo before rounding off the night with another shot at the Sanctus from the Requiem – such a stirring piece!

a be dee, a be dee, a be dee that’s all folks (a la Porky Pig)!


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