SCS Night, the Third!

Well, it’s Tuesday and it is in the PM which means I will be departing shortly for another rehearsal with the Saskatoon Chamber Singers.  More and more of those who will be singing the concerts have been showing up over the two rehearsals we have had up to now and I would guess that most of the membership has been present to receive the music and take part in at least one rehearsal.  Wonder what parts of the concert will we do tonight?  More of the Forrest, the Gjeilo, Uyeda, Martin or maybe some Britten. Tell you later.

So the big secret was revealed tonight – along with the second of our pieces by Karl Jenkins – In Flanders Fields.

Here is the order we did our pieces tonight:

  • Set Me As A Seal
  • All Suddenly The Wind(which we need to memorize)
  • In Flanders Fields (which we need to memorize)
  • The Epitaph
  • Requiem for the Living Part 1
  • Requiem for the Living Part 2 bits
  • Requiem for the Living Part 3

Just need to work on some rhythms and a few spots of notes and we should be good to go!  After another rehearsal or two we break into groups with a single person on each part in a group,  I have done that before with Len Ratzlaff – works a treat to ensure you become solid in your part and know what the other parts sound like.  Also teaches you to count!


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