SCS Night, The Fourth

Well, tonight my wife is in toon visiting, getting ready for the move and generally exploring life in our old hometown again.  She brought our dog and the first thing we did Monday morning was bring them both to work…  I had an oil change for my car and they drove me to the U of S where we were giving away coffee and timbits as a bit of a thank you to those who take the bus in Saskatoon.  Well I digress…

Went to Knox tonight and there was another new face in the Bass Section – he is taking Law at the U of S and started tonight.  This was also the night when James split us up into groups of parts instead of our normal sections.  I remember Len doing this, but not for a whole rehearsal – although it is more manageable with 32 ish than with 122.

Our rehearsal started with two more pieces being handed out – O Canada – arranged by the late Dianne Loomer was for the whole choir and For The Fallen – for TTBB by Sammes.

We started off with O Canada and moved rapidly to In Flanders Fields, spent a bit of time on Evening Prayer, then onto Re-member Us (which will be our first piece at the concert), And The Mother Did Weep and finished off with all of the Requiem For the Living.


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