SCS Night, the Fifth – no pleading here!

Tonight was the Annual General Meeting for our choir.  The rules are the same as for pretty much any other charitable organization – 25% of the membership would form the quorum and, fortunately, we had that.  So we started, ran through the agenda, verified the minutes from last year and then went for the elections.  President our current one decided to offer himself up for another year and there being no challengers was acclaimed.  Same for the person who was a member at large last year – our last Vice President moved to Ireland as a means to getting out of the position (joke – LOL).  The Secretary and Librarian was acclaimed as was our Treasurer.  Then came the call for the Members at Large – I put my hand up and was readily accepted – as was another of the new members and a returnee to the board from last year – then we went on to fill the various volunteer positions posters, set up for concerts etc…

Following this we had the report from our President about our last year, then our Music Director said some things about last year and we were done!

We then got into the music!  This week we were once again grouped into quartets-ish.

This week we started with Re-Member Us followed by For the Fallen, then All Suddenly the Wind and completed with the Requiem starting from back to front but not part 1.

Then we went home.


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