SCS Night, the Seventh

Today was an interesting day chorally speaking – a colleague from Ontario who had read my blogs then listened to the Requiem.  I advised him to also listen to the Poulenc Stabat Mater which I said was pretty good for Baritones, like Poulenc actually had that voice part in mind when he wrote it.  I also had some quick texts with my son, who is singing with the U of A Madrigals.  He was talking about a piece they are singing that he really liked – a piece arranged by Peter Blotch – Loch Lomond.

At choir we all arrived, there were no instruments tonight, less the organ and piano. We started right away with Set Me As a Seal keying in on some of the transitional bits and harder parts. We followed this up with The Epitaph, Re-member Us – again concentrating on the tricky bits, And The Mother Did Weep, O Canada, For The Fallen, In Flanders Fields, Requiem for the Fallen Part 1 and the Bush Cantata.

Next week we start with the solo instruments and get ready for the concert.


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