SCS Night, the Eighth – This time with Instruments

This Tuesday the horn, the tenor sax, violin, and the trumpet/side drum are coming a half hour apart.  Our conductor would like to do each piece with instruments twice through and then do a movement of the Requiem in between.  He has also set the list of music that we have to memorize.  The guys luck out this time as we have one more piece than the ladies to memorize – yee ha (you think?)!

When we arrived, most of us were greeted by our French Horn Soloist in addition to our Director and the rest who were there already.  This is now the final rundown to our concert on November 11th.  We rehearsed the piece featuring French Horn – Set Me As A Seal by Richard Nance – twice.

Following that we rehearsed Requiem For the Living parts I and II with just the piano – the rest of the instruments, less Harp will be here next week.

Next was the time with our Saxophonist who was there for Evening Hymn by Ola Gjeilo a fitting piece to end the concert on.

We went back to the Requiem for Part IV and worked on a few of the bits we still needed to work on. Followed by Re-Member Leslie Uyeda, And The Mother – Karl Jenkins, All Suddenly the Wind – Allan Bevan.

Our Percussionist had arrived and was listening to us when our Trumpet player showed up.  They were here for the Karl Jenkins version of In Flanders Fields.  In the usual way of a trumpeter (I used to play that in high school) he recommended some changes which really made the piece pop!

We finished with Part V of the Requiem and were instructed by our Director to watch the youtube version of the Requiem For The Living performed by the Festival Singers of Florida – as they use pretty much the same instrumentation we will be.

I received my tickets, to sell, for the performance – so for those of you in Saskatoon – get ready to be on the receiving end.

In case you are interested here is a link to the Concerts Facebook Event Page.


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