SCS Night, The Ninth – Sorry no Beethoven.

Tonight we start our rehearsals with the musicians who will be accompanying us for the concert.  We also had to get used to a new formation to stand in, due to the fact that the musicians were sitting in the space we would normally occupy.  We were broken from our usual two into four rows and stood on the appropriate steps. Gave us a better view of our conductor anyways.

Regardless, off we went into the Requiem – the whole discussion about whether our director would conduct the first two measures of the piece because no one has any music …  So off we went.  For us it was a little bit of a different feel with the instruments between us and our director, more sound than just out of the piano or the organ and since we were standing in close proximity the sound of the choir was also different.  We pretty much ran through the Requiem from start to finish and then went back to Part IV the Sanctus again before our Director released the musicians.  Was a very good rehearsal for us – got us all to think about how the pacing of the piece is different when you do have instruments.  The only one we were missing was the Harp.  Anyway we will see them again at our Dress Rehearsal on the 10th.

Our next piece was Epitaph – and it was the first time I had heard the violin play it with so much feeling and so well in tune – I am not sure if it is the recordings I have heard on Youtube or the individual players but there was a tuning issue with the violin in most of the recordings I listened to so this was very nice.

When we were re setting for our next piece James had the male chorus perform “For the Fallen”  which still causes me to choke up a little in the last verse where the last post makes its debut…  Got through it though – we do need to have it memorized though.  Following this we moved into the first piece of the program – Re-member Us which takes a little working on to get the tonality and rhythms correct.  We then moved onto another piece we need to memorize – “All Suddenly The Wind” and finished the night with And The Mother.

Next week is our last rehearsal before Dress Rehearsal!!!


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