Month: November 2015

SSOC Third Messiah Rehearsal

Well, this will be my first rehearsal at the store front offices of the SSO on 20th Street in Saskatoon.  Should be cool being able to sing and watch all the people going by on the street. Yes, it was a very interesting experience, and we were in quartets for the whole rehearsal - bar … Continue reading SSOC Third Messiah Rehearsal


SSOC – Second Rehearsal

Well, I ended up missing the last rehearsal with a few others. Now Duff has added another rehearsal which I should be able to attend as well as a surprise gig somewhere in the next while. More after the third rehearsal this afternoon. Cheers

SCS Night 11 and Remembrance Day

SCS Night 11 and Remembrance Day

November 10, dress rehearsal for Remembrance Day Concerts, night before Remembrance Day, my choir riser mate's birthday.  Worked during the day and then the quick run down to the rehearsal.  We did the entire concert stopping where we needed to in order to brush up on some bits.  Discussed how we were going to get … Continue reading SCS Night 11 and Remembrance Day