SSOC – First Messiah Rehearsal

Location – check

How to get there and park – aaaaah check

How to actually find the theatre – aaaaah check

Finding where the basses are sitting and not the tenors – check

Finding out that I am singing Bass and not Tenor – double check, wipe sweat off brow, etc, etc…

Then we started to sing Handel!

The rehearsal started with each of the sections sitting in a circle by them selves while Duff started listening to how we blended as sections – and had us do the same.  We had five pieces to sing this afternoon and we did 6.  I think for the first rehearsal Duff was pleased as we did start getting our collective acts together.

Pieces worked on:

  • 7. And he shall purify (of course)
  • 12. For unto us
  • 41. Let us break their bonds
  • 51. But thanks be to God (new)
  • 53. Worthy is the lamb
  • 46. Since by man came death

Biggest issue of the afternoon – finding another rehearsal time to move to for the 22nd as there was a concert for the Greystone Singers that conflicted.  No joy at this time.  Then there was an issue with Dec 6 so…

There were about 36 ish of us there today – should be very nice with the Baroque style ensemble that Maestro Paetkau will be assembling.HandelNo, this is still Handel.


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