SCS Night 12 – Preparing for our next Concert

We all came back, most of us had great comments to bring back from those who had attended the concert and let us know.  James then started to get into the works for the December concert – Welcome Yule

We started with Britten’s Festival of Carols, which was fine by me as I had never sung it before.  First was #10 Deo Gracias – I immediately noted – “note pick” and “work on” which would not be the first time.  Then we worked on Wolcum Yole! again I noted “note pick” and “counting”.  Following this we went into Balulalow and again I wrote “note pick” getting the theme of my night?  We then completed As Dew in Aprille, This Little Babe and In Freezing Winter Night – this last one I need to work on rythym.

James then had us shift focus a little and we moved onto the Bush (Geoffrey Bush)4, 2, 3, 5, 6 & 8  We started with Little Jesus, sweetly sleep, followed by The first good joy that Mary had, then When Jesus Christ was four years old followed by Rejoice! O make we merry, both more and less.  We moved onto This endris night and wrapped up with By by lullay, thou little tiny child.

All through the night the soloists piped up for their parts – very nice!!

Unfortunately I was away for the next rehearsal – so don’t know what happened there other than I am so far behind – even working on the notes while at the conference seems paltry!!


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