SCS Night 13

Well, the night lived up to the number’s bad luck.  We found out when we arrived that our conductor had been on holiday in Nanaimo and was hit by a car.  He apparently has a broken knee and possible concussion and flew back to Saskatoon today for surgery shortly.  Not sure if he will be available for our concert – please keep him in your thoughts!

So what did we do tonight – we rehearsed – the show must go on.  We had one of our singers step up to direct and went on with the program.

We started out with the Britten working through 2 to 6 and then 8.  I need to work on notes in 2, 3 and 8 especially.  Tough missing a week.  Our interim conductor made some comments during the rehearsal:

Alto’s have a funky thing where it started to go interesting, meaning “let’s work on this part”.

Then the brass quartet and organ player arrived and we started working through the Pinkham and then took Britten #8 more slowly this time to the rehearsal finish.


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