SSOC Fourth Rehearsal

An extra one, unscheduled originally. We arrived at the former storefront on 20th street again.  Some skillful parking was sometimes called for.  Duff asked us if we could go to 2100 vice the original 2130 and we heartily agreed.  Then he started with the least known piece for most of us But Thanks Be To God.  Then we did a little of O Death Where is Thy Sting – Tenors, Basses could sing whichever part they wished – I tried the counter tenor thing on the Alto lines.  Worked to a point – higher notes were still a bit of a stretch.

Following that Duff had us move to the Amen with just the basses at first and we tried it out to see if separating the notes would work in this grouping – sounded cleaner…

We then moved onto other pieces as he sort of picked at our preparedness, which is nice to be able to do with a week left before concert.  Next we sang:

  • And He Shall Purify
  • For unto Us a Child is Born
  • Messiah Chorus a cappella as Duff ate an orange!
  • He Trusted in God
  • Let us Break Their Bonds
  • Worthy Is the Lamb started and the alarm went off..  Was it us – cause the alarm was not in our key!!

There may have been more but I know we ended with Since By Man Came Death.


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