SCS Night 14

Well, much to our collective relief our Conductor/Artistic Director James was back tonight – looking worse for wear, he had a brace on his knee and a few bruises and contusions to his head.  He regaled us with the story of his dark and stormy night in Nanaimo when crossing a street between two of his friends  – in a crosswalk – he was struck by a car.  He said he didn’t hear the car, didn’t feel the collision all he knew was that he was walking then he woke up and looked at a bunch of feet around his face.  He was out for about 15 seconds he said – paramedics and a short hospital stay later and he was on the plane to Vancouver.  Good news – no surgery but he will not be standing for our concert – we have a plan for him to be high enough to be seen during the concert.

James took us through our paces for the Christmas works.  Tonight we had the oboe player for the Bush Cantata.  We ran through that with some hairy bits – which James made us promise we would practice at home between now and the dress rehearsal.  Some tonal bits and others are just where the tempo is a bit quick.

Then we moved onto the Pinkham and the Britten.



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