SSOC Fifth Rehearsal and Airport FlashMob

Well, we were asked to go out to the airport on a Saturday morning for 1045 to sign the Halleluja Chorus from Handel’s  Messiah.  The we are the Saskatoon Symphony Orchestra Chorus – an auditioned choir prepared by Duff Warkentin.  There are about 35 of us and we went to do the one piece and maybe Jingle Bells.  The draw for us was the free parking while we were at the airport – wee ha!  But seriously, anytime we can sing that wonderful piece of music I’m in!!  So we arrived, passed our parking passes to Mark for approval and waited.  There were to be a couple of flights one Air Canada and one West Jet at 1100, then we were to go to the Airport Worker’s Children’s Christmas Party.  Those of us who were busy wolfing down breakfast finished that and we congregated around the baggage carousels.  Turns out there were not that many people on either of the two flights and we never had any sort of critical mass to sing to at the carousels.

So off to the kids party. It was nice seeing the kids coming into the airport – some in fancy dress, some not – all excited, bouncing, dragging and being dragged over to the party spot – which was near the security check in with a view of the airport apron.

We adults were sort of just standing with our jackets on and Duff got out his pitch pipe – hit a note and we were off.  Lot’s of whiplash from adults – the kids were kind of confused. See it here on facebook, here and here but not here these the silent monks.  We had fun – the adults who know Messiah were absolutely thrilled and the kids were – confused.

On Sunday of the same weekend we had our first rehearsal with Eric Paetkau the new Conductor of the Saskatoon Symphony Orchestra.  He took us through our paces, speeding up tempi, slowing down tempi and absolutely asking for more text in every movement.  We receive a loooong email with notes from Duff yesterday for us to have sorted by tomorrow night.  All in all it was a fun night.

On to the next rehearsal – which concert is this for?



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