1st Rehearsal SCS 16/17 Season

Like a kid getting ready for the first day of school I look to my first choir rehearsal with excitement.  What music has our director chosen, what are the section make ups, who is coming back to sing this year, who is not?  Sometimes you are surprised, sometimes you are shocked at what has happened over the break.  Most times it will be life – a new job in another city, a chance encounter that develops into romance that causes a move.  Sometimes it can be for practical reasons – schedules have changed and it won’t be possible to take part in a concert or the whole season, other times it is because of an illness.

This fall for us there were a bunch of the above – good and bad – for those who have moved on to more wonderful life events – good luck, I hope all works out – for those who face troubles ahead – my prayers are with you!

Well, that still doesn’t stop me from putting together the concert music list for the first concert of the year – our Annual November 11 Concert.

Here is what we shall be singing – with 1 exception I will add next week when I get a copy of the music.  It, apparently is the hardest piece we have in our concert – and was sung by the Chronos Vocal Ensemble when they were here this summer.

Here is the list of music: (if you want to hear most of them, click here)

  • O Canada – Lavallee/Loomer
  • Litany – Jeff Enns
  • Lay a Garland – Robert Pearsall (the concert is named after this song)
  • Even In Our Sleep – Aeschylus/MacIntyre (composer of Cold Snap)
  • In Paradisum – Timothy Corlis
  • Cantate de la Paix – Claudel/Milhaud
  • In Flanders Fields – David MacIntyre
  • For The Fallen – Eleanor Daley
  • A Lullaby – Ryan Murphy
  • The Day is Done – Stephen Paulus
  • And the Poppies Grow – Forward-Houriet/Nickel
  • Now Sleeps the Crimson Petal – Allan Bevan
  • Take Him, Earth, for Cherishing – Herbert Howells

During our first rehearsal we got through most of it.  That same feeling one gets when trying something out after a few months off – OMG I forgot how to sing! What is the starting note -how do you count again – oh yea that is in three, but wait – now there’s a 12  oh!… Gosh i can’t remember how to count…

As you can imagine it takes a little while to get back in the groove, oh this intonation – you mean the composer meant it that way – or was it “this or that section/individual singer” just missing the note(s).13322188_1224907647520499_4288740241423520986_n

By the way – if you want to hear some of the music from our last season – try going to our soundcloud page for some concert recordings here.





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