4th Rehearsal SCS 16/17 Season

4th Rehearsal SCS 16/17 Season

Tonight not only do we have our rehearsal, we also have a choir Annual General Meeting. I think we will also spend time on our repertoire, but it will be good to have some of that AGM stuff dealt with.  Wonder if our new Marketing Manager will be there? He wasn’t.

We are also working towards our participation in Culture Days this weekend. On Sunday Oct 2 we will be hosting an open rehearsal at Knox United Church at 1400.  If you are in the Saskatoon area and always wondered what a Choral rehearsal is like come and see.  Our new marketing manager will be there.

We worked through the Milhaud, including the french pronunciation.  Following that we worked on the Howells. We then took our break and had the AGM.

After both of those we worked on a new piece of music – We Wish You A Merry Christmas – the Elmer Eisler edition, followed by For the Fallen and ending off with Now Sleeps the Crimson Petal.

Rehearsal over James passed out some additional music that was missed a couple of weeks back for me that would the the new edition of All Suddenly The Wind, which we will be recording for Cypress Choral Music.  We did this piece last year.



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