1st SSOC Rehearsal 16/17 Season

1st SSOC Rehearsal 16/17 Season

So, auditions were last Thursday and lasted a grand total of 5 minutes – sing the begining section of And He Shall Purify from Handel’s Messiah for Mark, Duff and Eric with our new accompanist Kelly.  Sang the part about three times – first time a flub and the next two went OK, well I did get the follow up email didn’t I?

Got the email on Monday from Mark with the additional information on the first concert at the end of October.  We will be doing Johann Sebastian Bach’s Cantata BMV 140 as well as Handel’s Coronation Anthem Let Thy Hand Be Strengthened. I have not sung either of these two works yet, so should be fun and I am looking forward to it.  If you want to hear the preview of the concert I have some practice files over at Soundcloud.

We met at the SSO offices and made ourselves known to each other – some familiar faces from last year, some not, about 30 of us all told.  Some from SCS others from all sorts of extraordinary places in and around Saskatoon.  All there to make, or at least learn to make, beautiful music.

Well, first thing in the morning I had spent about an hour just running through the scores with Musescore – a free version of Sibelius or Finale.  Think cyberbass, but you can use it to take a midi file and make your score, or you can type in the notes from scratch for a newer piece.  You can creat midi files with it too.  Anyway – I like to use it to drill myself on notes – for me it is easier than trying to plunk it out on the piano – however, I will do that as well!  Good thing I had done that as we went straight into the Bach – stating with the Chorale at the end – part 7.  It was relatively easy – we just went for tones, not the words at that point.  Then we started onto the first movement – fun especially when we tried to get the notes in the correct rhythm.  Then we tried applying the words – in German.  Still trying to figure out where to put the proper text stress on some of that, and the english in the Handel.

All told a great first rehearsal – now two weeks off before we do it again!


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