Culture Days Rehearsal (5th Rehearsal SCS 16/17 Season)

Today is our SCS Culture Days offering, where we open up a rehearsal so that anyone interested in our program, choral singing, could join with us as we go through the paces for our first concert of the year.  It will take place between 1400 and 1530 at Knox United Church, Saskatoon.

Not my first time doing a Culture Days activity – a few years back when I was still singing in Edmonton with the Richard Eaton Singers we collaborated with ProCoro to do the Joby Talbot piece Path of Miracles – I still get chills about that piece – it was such a great experience.  Plus it was so lovely to sing with that very talented group and their artistic director Michael Zaug.

Anyway, back to today – in preparation for singing this afternoon I took my dog for her regular walk and, since my wife was heading to her band rehearsal; she plays the bagpipes, I plugged into my – rehearsal tracks.  It was a great soundtrack for a sunny Sunday morning walk with just my dog.  At times it was just magical and beautiful as we moved along beautiful parks, trees losing their summer leaves and people just going about their weekend leisure activities.

Here is the dog:


Anyway, we started our rehearsal with a commissioned piece – All Suddenly The Wind by Allan Bevan; we sang this for our season last year and were to record it to be placed on the Cypress Music Website.  Allan had made some adjustments since last year and we now have the updated score – with some changes from what we memorized.  Following that we worked on In Paradisum by Timothy Corlis.  Next was In Flanders Fields by MacIntyre, then we sang Cantate de la Paix by Milhaud followed by And the Poppies Grow by Nickel ending the rehearsal with another round of All Suddenly The Wind.

We actually had a few people listening to us while we rehearsed, one brave Tenor who sat in with the choir, and one recuperating Soprano who joined us for the last round.  All in all it was a fun way to celebrate culture days in Saskatoon!!


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