7th Rehearsal SCS 16/17 Season

We began with O Canada – and as James stated this would be the only time we would rehearse it and also it should be memorized, oh and add the new words.  No problems.  It is the Diane Loomer SATB version if anyone is wondering.

Then we worked through some of the A Cappella Christmas Cantata by Larry Nickel – we worked through First Fruits, Behold, A Great Light, Break Forth, O Beautiful Light.  We don’t have that many rehearsals after our November 11 concert.

Next up – Litany by Jeff Enns followed by Lay A Garland by Robert Pearsall; then Day is Done by Stephen Paulus.  We worked through the Milhaud Cantate de la Paix and followed that up with Howells Take Him, Earth, For Cherishing and ended up with In Paradisum.

Oh yes, we received our tickets as well.13322188_1224907647520499_4288740241423520986_n


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